Skin & Hair Bundles
Skin & Hair Bundles
Skin & Hair Bundles

Skin & Hair Bundles

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While each Crunchy Chemist product is fantastic on its own, truly remarkable things happen when you use them all together.  Our Skin & Hair Bundles provide you with complete skin & hair care.  Each product has been designed to build upon the next in order to create your happiest & healthiest skin & hair.

  1. First, our Castile Soap powerfully yet gently removes dirt, debris, bacteria, environmental toxins, and other inflammatory contaminants from your skin & hair.
  2. Then, our Deep Treat penetrates deep into your open skin & hair, waiting to be activated by our pH Balancer.
  3. Next, our pH Balancer transforms our Conditioner into body-mimicking nourishment while simultaneously sealing up your skin & hair.  The result: body-mimicking nourishment physically sealed inside your skin & hair.
  4. Finally, our Serum provides a protective topcoat of natural waxes, oils, and anti-inflammatory compounds that penetrate deep to soothe your skin and provide moisture, strength, and elasticity to both your skin & hair.


Travel Bundle Includes:

2 OZ Castile Soap
2 OZ Deep Treat
2 OZ pH Balancer
1 OZ Serum Dropper

Medium Bundle includes:

8 OZ Castile Soap
4 OZ Deep Treat
4 OZ pH Balancer
2 OZ Serum Dropper

Big Bundle Includes:

16 OZ Castile Soap
8 OZ Deep Treat
8 OZ pH Balancer
4 OZ Serum Dropper
Greywater Safe & Biodegradable
BPA-Free & Phthalate-Free Packaging
All Shipping Materials Compostable & Biodegradable
Please note that while all Crunchy Chemist products are non-toxic and made with only food grade ingredients, they are NOT intended for ingestion and the FDA has NOT approved any of them for internal use.  Our products are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any diseases.