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Any natural soap (which is VERY different from synthetic detergents, whether "plant-based," "pH balanced," or otherwise) is made by combining fats or oils with alkaline water in a process called saponification (which literally means "to turn into soap").  This elegant saponification process has been performed by ancient cultures for thousands of years. 

Chemically-speaking, the alkaline water breaks the oil molecules apart and turns them into soap molecules plus some glycerin.  These soap molecules have one end that likes water, and another end that doesn't, right on the same molecule!  This causes something extraordinary to happen when you wash: the molecules actually self-organize into tiny microscopic nano-bubbles (called micelles) that further organize to encapsulate oil, grease, bacteria, grit, and grime.  Yes, the bubbles in soap are actually themselves made of tiny nano-bubbles surrounded by water, and this stuff was made thousands of years ago by cultures as old as the ancient Egyptians!... nanotechnology really isn't that new, is it?  Anyway, the structure of these nano-bubbles (the micellular structure) and the surrounding water chemistry all impact how the soap performs.  Then, when you rinse, all that nasty stuff rinses away too... ideally.

That fact of the matter is, however, that not all soaps are created equal.  (In fact, most "soaps" aren't real soap at all but synthetic detergents... but we digress).  The way it has always been is: the better a soap cleans, the more stripping it is to your skin & hair.  That's why you'll see harsh yet cleansing soaps used for washing dishes and gentle yet ineffective soaps used for washing your hands & face.  You can't have the best of both worlds, you have to sacrifice gentleness for cleaning power... UNTIL NOW!

Our Castile Soap has cracked the code.  We optimized the micellular structure by combining just the right amount of organic olive oil with just the right amount of organic coconut oil and then fine-tuning the alkaline water chemistry.  Notice that our Everything Castile Soap is a liquid soap, not a bar soap?  That's because the alkaline water is just as critical of a component as the soap molecules themselves! 

The result: a gentle yet all-purpose Castile Soap that cleans EVERYTHING!  It's so powerful that it can remove set blood stains from fabric, yet it's so gentle that it's an ideal shaving cream.  That means it won't strip your skin & hair, yet it will actually remove those toxins, bacteria, grease plugs, and other foreign agents that cause inflammation and disease.

Yep, a soap that actually works but doesn't hurt.  All with only 3 food grade ingredients.  Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?