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Any natural soap is alkaline, your skin & hair are acidic.  Washing with natural soap shifts the pH of your skin & hair and causes them to physically "open up" at the microscopic level, which helps release trapped debris and gives a better clean.  But it also leaves them open and exposed.  Luckily, after only 2-3 hours your skin & hair return to their natural state (unlike synthetic detergents, even the supposedly "pH balanced" ones, where your skin & hair never really recover).  However, that is still 2-3 hours that your skin & hair are left open and exposed to dryness, irritation, and infection each time you wash with soap.... which is why we've created our pH Balancer.

Our pH Balancer solves an issue that has been around for thousands of years, since the dawn of soap-making: it causes an instant recovery in your skin & hair pH and you reap the associated benefits.  By using our pH Balancer after you use a natural soap, you INSTANTLY return your skin & hair to their optimum pH without having to wait the standard 2-3 hours for your body to recover.  This causes a physical sealing action at the microscopic level that protects them from dryness, irritation, and infection. 

Furthermore, the organic sugar, potassium salt, and natural acids from our organic lemon juice work together to encourage the sloughing of dead skin cells, which keeps your skin healthy & glowing.  

This is where the magic happens...

Our Deep Treat™ enhances this process to produce truly extraordinary results.  Even though our pH Balancer seals up your skin & hair, it does not actually add any oil-based nourishment, which your skin & hair thoroughly enjoy!  That's where our Deep Treat™ comes in:

Our Deep Treat™ goes on AFTER you wash with soap but BEFORE you apply our pH Balancer.  When you apply our Deep Treat, your skin & hair are still open from the alkalinity, which allows our Deep Treat™ to penetrate deep into your open skin & hair.  Then, when you apply our pH Balancer, MAGIC!  Our pH Balancer not only seals up your skin & hair by returning them to their natural pH, but it simultaneously transforms our Deep Treat™ into body-mimicking nourishment that physically seals inside your top layers of skin & hair.  Like a magic trick, you can actually watch the suds from our Deep Treat™ vanish into your skin each time you apply our pH Balancer on top of it!


What does body-mimicking mean?  A blend of waxes, oils, and fatty acids--the primary components of your natural skin & hair secretions (called sebum).  Fatty acids themselves are naturally antibacterial and have been shown to inhibit the bacteria responsible for acne, body odor, and a whole host of disorders.  And unlike synthetic antibacterial compounds, fatty acids DO NOT create antibiotic-resistant bacteria with repeated use.  In fact, they are one of your skin's own natural bacteria regulators.

Furthermore, the potent organic marshmallow root in our Deep Treat™ powerfully prevents inflammation of hair follicles, balances sebum production, and reduces blemishes.


The treatment is designed to mimic how your body naturally nourishes itself, and it nourishes from the inside-out!