Spider Killer

Most spiders are harmless and are in fact very beneficial.  They get rid of pests like flies, gnats, and other insects, so whenever possible it is best to non-lethally remove the spider from your immediate area (or have someone else do it if they freak you out) so they can keep doing their good work elsewhere.  Spiders run from human confrontation and generally only bite when accidentally pinned between fabric and your skin.  However, there are a couple of spiders, like black widows & brown recluses, that are too dangerous to safely live with in close quarters, so we offer this information:

  1. Follow the instructions to make our MULTI-SURFACE CLEANER.
  2. Put the sprayer setting on "stream" or "jet" and spray the spider from a safe distance.
  3. Wait a few moments and then spray the spider again.  Continue doing this until the spider appears lifeless.
  4. Crush the spider with a stick or other long tool.  Do not assume the spider is dead until it is completely crushed.
  5. Wipe up the spider with a cloth and dispose of its carcass.

TIP:  If you do not feel comfortable dealing with dangerous spiders like black widows, then don't.  Hire a professional exterminator.