Bro!  This stuff is LEGIT!  I use a lot of stuff to whiten brighten and clean. Himalayan salt, peroxide swishing, coconut oil pulling, I even have a rough sandpapery kinda tool to remove coffee stains. One brush with your chomper chalk and it put all that stuff to shame. My teeth are whiter, brighter, and cleaner than they have ever been....and I just bought it from you on Sunday (two days earlier) at the Ojai Farmers Market. Thanks for the bomb product. 

- Tom


I don't often write testimonials, but when I come across something so crazy good, I can't help it. 

Chomper Chalk saved my teeth. That's the bottom line. I'm a middle-aged guy who's had more than his fair share of pain sitting in the dentist's chair. Tons of cavities as a kid. And as an adult, I brush and floss regularly, but still my dentist typically tells me to floss more often and come every four months instead of six for cleaning. Something about my mouth that bacteria just like I guess, as I stopped eating refined sugar over twenty years ago, and eat healthy food. I got Chomper Chalk ten days before my first visit to the dentist in 18 months, and I was really nervous. So during the ten days, I thought I'd put Chomper Chalk to the test - brush with it several times a day and see if it could help. Fast forward to my appointment, and after my cleaning and inspection, my dentist says "Looks good, Paul. See you in six months." Wow. Wow. Wow. "Looks good" is just not something I hear that much at the dentist.  And I wasn't actually surprised, even though it had been a year and a half. I had already seen the difference. my teeth were already noticeably whiter. What's more, I can feel how clean my teeth are by how the toothbrush slides over them now. And even more, I just feel for the first time in my life that my teeth and gums are healthy. I am a lifelong convert. This is far more than I had even hoped for, and when it comes to my teeth, I have no shortage of hope! And now I actually look forward to brushing my teeth, which is actually surprising. The fact that is so natural and organic is also important to me, and the stevia version also tastes good, unlike well-known toothpaste that makes me gag.

If it worked for me, it will work for you. Get some Chomper Chalk, it's the best thing you can do for your teeth and gums.

     - Paul


Hi there. Lovely meeting you yesterday at the Ojai Farmer's Market. Really enjoyed our visit. I wanted to let you know that I used the Chomper Chalk and ... Wow! Noticed whitening in ONE use. What the?! So happy..can't wait to try your other products!

     - Michelle

I started using Chomper Chalk a little over six months ago when I had an infected tooth implant explanted. My gums were bleeding and painful. I wanted the very best for healing and decided to stop all toothpaste and use only Chomper Chalk (charcoal in a format that is cleaner and easier to use than pure charcoal), ozone in olive oil, and water pick with occasional peroxide. I really really wanted to be well as I know tooth and gum health affects every part of the body including the heart and brain. My gums got better quite quickly. After they stopped bleeding I stopped using the O3. After three months my dental hygienist said the difference was remarkable. After six months the results are the same: no infection, no bleeding, easy cleaning at the dentist's. Better tooth and gum health than i have ever had. I'm sold on Chomper Chalk (and water pick and go betweens). I don't intend to use any type of toothpaste again. Yes, the Chomper Chalk is dark, but it cleans up in the sink and fabric nicely (unlike pure charcoal). Thank you Crunchy for taking the trouble to make this product!.

     - Katy


After having countless breakouts to what I finally discovered was my facial cleansers (I tried many), I heard about the cleansing products (soap,conditioner, ph balancer and serum) with only 4 ingredients and this appealed to me. I had been trying to find what was causing my reaction with my high end cleansers only to be daunted by the dozens of ingredients! In addition to having sensitive skin I also have the Papulopustular (Acne) form of Rosacea. I have been using the cleansing system on my face for about two months and I can't believe my skin improvement. It has diminished the boil type breakouts around my nose and chin and reduced an age spot on my cheek. My skin feels and looks fabulous! I am a true believer and user of these products by the Crunchy Chemist and recommend them whenever I can. I'm so glad I found something so simple and basic and avoid having to take medication for my Rosacea or be embarrassed by breakouts.



I have been using the Crunchy Chemist skin care system for some time now with truly amazing results.  As a matter of fact I had my annual appointment with my Dermatologist last week at Kaiser Permanente and he said “Whatever you are doing with your skin keep on doing it”  When I told him about the Crunchy Chemist products he said wow it is that simple !

Well yes it is that simple.

I have been using the soap product followed by the sealer (now called Crunchy Chemist pH Balancer™)  every other day.  I was  using it every day but found that to be unnecessary as the sealing product is so good that it keeps moisture in the skin for days.  I have eliminated all the moisturizes that I have used  in the past  because I found them to be no longer necessary.

When I first started using Crunchy Chemist products I had a skin lesion on my left forearm that the Dermatologist told me was from sun exposure.  He felt that on my next appointment that it would be best to either freeze or cut it off.  After about a month on Crunchy Chemist products,  I touched that skin lesion one morning  and it fell off!  No freezing or cutting  necessary.  I was hoping to find a mark on my forearm where it once was so that I can include a picture with this letter but I cannot find a trace of it!

I am on Crunchy Chemist products for life.  The sheer simplicity  and most importantly safety of the chemistry used  which draws  from unblemished natural materials in a most cleaver way  is second to none!

     - Dan


I'm 11 years old and I use all of products. I have to say that I was using the moisturizer on my legs where I had eczema patches and two days later I looked and the patches were gone.


I've never once written a testimonial on any website in my life, but felt compelled to do so today. 

Why?  Because every once in a while you come across something so fantastic that you just want everyone else to know about it!

I'm talking about the 4-step face cleansing process I now do religiously.  I'm about to turn 60 and for the first time in my life, I'm getting compliments on my skin.  What's even more remarkable is that I have always been a bit of a party girl who seldom drinks water, so needless to say, my skin has never been my best asset.  And yet I am now getting compliments all the time.  I know it's because of the Crunchy Chemist natural products I'm using.   I bought the sample pack and saw a marked difference even before I went through those first four small containers.  So, I'm hooked.  

For life.  

Best products ever!

I may even cancel that face lift I was considering!  :)

     - Theresa

So happy I found this Chomper Chalk! I noticed brightness after one use, I learned more is not better! Can't wait to see my pearly whites in a couple more weeks! I have stained teeth with enamel and gum disease along with plaque issues. My teeth stay smooth and fresh feeling for 12-24 hours!

     - Jill


After one year of use and each visit to the dentist getting better and better comments from my dental hygienist, she has switched me from every four month visits to every six months.  She is rather expensive, so the savings is VERY significant, far in excess of the modest cost of your product.

God forbid you ever stop selling Chomper Chalk, please let me know so that I can buy a large quantity before the supply is exhausted!!  I can’t imagine ever using regular tooth paste again.

- Alan


I was first introduced to the Crunchy Chemist products at the Ojai Farmer's Market.  I was impressed with the "hands-on" demonstration of the simple soap and sealer (now called Crunchy Chemist Castile Soap™ and Crunchy Chemist pH Balancer™)  and I also appreciated Blake's clear explanation of how and why it works.  I am also a big stickler about ingredients.  It's challenging to find products on the market these days that are truly non-toxic.  I had been using Dr. Bronner's soap feeling like it was the closest thing I could find to a pure soap.  Now THIS soap seemed even cleaner than what I had been using!  Without hesitation I bought a kit of simple soap and sealer (now called Crunchy Chemist Castile Soap™ and Crunchy Chemist pH Balancer™) and began using it home.  I started out just using it at the kitchen sink for washing and sealing my hands.  Fabulous!  My skin definitely loved the new routine.  I wasn't experiencing dry, chapped hands anymore.  Then I began using the soap for my laundry, clothes stains, and even washing dishes.  I was totally impressed with the soap as a stain remover on clothes.  I used it to try to remove a stain on a shirt I was ready to toss.  The stain came out and shirt was saved!  

Here's where the REAL magic begins.  I moved to a really dry climate and my face was suffering.  It was so dry and itchy, it was near the point of eczema (which I had experienced in the past on my face).  At this point, I was using the simple soap and sealer (now called Crunchy Chemist Castile Soap™ and Crunchy Chemist pH Balancer™)  in the shower on my body, but not on my face.  I had tried using it on my face a couple of times before, but I had experienced a lot of stinging, so I didn't stay with it.  I talked to Blake about it and he encouraged me to stick with it and give my facial skin a chance to rebalance its pH with the soap and sealer (now called Crunchy Chemist Castile Soap™ and Crunchy Chemist pH Balancer™).  After 4 days of using the soap and sealer to wash my face morning and night, my face finally reached a state of balance.  I did have to tough out the intense stinging sensations I felt the first couple of days, but it was well worth it.  My face is so much happier now!  I honestly feel like I will never use another soap again.  This is the best product I have ever come across.  One product line, so many uses...simple, yet so profound!  

     - Nicole

Love the Chomper Chalk-my teeth are so much whiter. My skin was so very dry and is now moist and smooth. I learned about the products from my son and am now recommending it to my daughter.

     - Jan

My mom and I have had great success with the soap and sealer (now called Crunchy Chemist pH Balancer™). My eczema has cleared up and my skin is wonderfully soft. My 70+ mom is no longer experiencing dry skin and her age spots are fading. Both of us suffered from itchy scalps and oily, thin hair, but no longer! My hair has never looked so thick and strong. Your products are truly a miracle. Thank you for your inventions!

     - Nina


I am a senior and was having a few dental implants put in after many years of problems, bridges, pain and infection. The crowns kept falling out. I called Blake and he said I might want to try Chomper Chalk. There are a lot of good results with it. I tried it and my teeth were so much cleaner and whiter after just one brushing. You can actually feel how clean they are. I used it for a while and it seemed to strengthen my whole mouth, teeth and gums so they could finish the implants. It worked! Now I would never be without it. Blake Arthur is a brilliant chemist. I had the pleasure of talking to him one afternoon and he has a heart to help people and a mind that will figure out the puzzle, no matter how hard it is. He also has great instincts with his ingredients and the purity of them. One day I will not be surprised if his name goes down in history, in the field of Chemistry! My father was a brilliant chemist too, who created natural herbal formulas that helped many people before the onset of synthetic drugs. From the very beginning, all the way through thousands of years, all the civilizations from all the continents on earth turned to the plant and mineral kingdoms for help. Every culture seemed to realize that the elements and medicines are already here. We don't have to create them, but we do need to learn about them, how to use them, and how to mix them for the best results for all. Blake knows so much already, and he's still young! I believe he has a tremendous future and will 'lead the way' teaching us how to use the forces of nature... the most powerful forces on earth. Thank you Blake... and Vanessa!



I bought the travel sizes of both the soap and the sealer (now called Crunchy Chemist Castile Soap™ and Crunchy Chemist pH Balancer™) as well as the Chomper Chalk and I use them every day. The results have been amazing, I am constantly complimented on my glowing skin and radiant complexion. People ask me my secret to such great skin and I send them to this website and explain the simplicity of the ingredients and the synergy of the products. I have to say that I was amazed that the small travel bottle of soap lasted me 6 weeks. I went back to the Farmer's Market and recently bought larger bottles of every one of the products I could get my hands on. Simple is better, and these products are made with simple natural ingredients. I will be a Crunchy Chemist customer for years to come!

     - Deric

I suffered from severe dry skin on my scalp and face for years. Even the prescription my dermatologist gave me took a long time to fix the problems, and they never fully went away, and cost a ton of money. I randomly walked by the Crunchy Chemist at the Ojai farmer's market one day, and tried the simple soap (now called Crunchy Chemist Castile Soap™) with vinegar on my hands. I immediately felt the difference. Blake explained to me the process, and that I should try it on my whole body. To be honest, I am always skeptical about trying things like this, but I gave it a go and I haven't used anything but the Simple Soap (now called Crunchy Chemist Castile Soap™) and vinegar since. My dandruff is gone, and the skin on my face looks and feels better than ever. I just tried the new Simple Sealer (now called Crunchy Chemist pH Balancer™) for the first time too, and that's even better than the vinegar (vinegar smells not so great) I mean it when I say this is a game changer.

     - Ryan


I love the trick of washing with this soap and then rinsing with vinegar and then water. It leaves my hands feeling great. It also does well on dishes--cuts through dog saliva (washing dog food and water bowls) much better than past soaps I've used.

     - Will


I love y'alls soap!! I love it because it's gets everything cleaner quicker then any other soap and it's non irritating.  I appreciate so much that it's not toxic. I keep finding new ways to use it, great for cleaning my eyeglasses, washing fruit, dishes, body and most recently i have started using it to clean my cheesecloths--I make vegan cheese and hand wash the cheesecloth. I can be sure that it cleans deeply and seems to not leave any residue, and even ify soap was left behind knowing it's practically edible is a  relief.

I recently bought my mom some and i'll be by the  farmers market tomorrow to fill up some old soap dispensers.

Thanks for a great project, you guys know what you are doing!!

     - Angilee